Notes from the Vaccine Presentation with Dr Casey Breslin via Zoom that was held on 27 January, 2021, 7PM EST

Hello, Post 180 family,

On 27 January Dr Casey Breslin, PhD, presented our membership a virtual Vaccine Presentation focusing on the Inova Health and the Veterans Affairs Health Care system online patient portals. Of immediate note is that the Veteran’s Administration hospital in WA DC is now taking calls for vaccinations. We have firsthand reports that veterans 65 years and older are getting same-day appointments and that the VA is now calling patients to schedule appointments. The phone number for the WA DC VA Hospital is 202-745-4342. Some notes and the link to the Zoom recording are below:

Key Take-Aways:

Here is the link and passcode to the Zoom recording of the presentation:

Passcode: ?HU*pxP1

Dr Casey Breslin, PhD, can be found on her website, and her Linkedin. Her Twitter/IG handles are @CaseyBreslinPhD

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