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Medal of Honor Monday: Marine Corps Gen. Christian Schilt, November 23, 2020

The majority of aviators who have received the Medal of Honor have earned it for their service in World War II or later conflicts. Marine Corps Gen. Christian Schilt, however, was one of the early aviators in that service. He earned his medal many years before World War II for his bravery in the skies over Nicaragua. 

A man in uniform looks toward a camera.

Ponder The Rewards Of Military Service (WALL STREET JOURNAL November 11, 2020) ... H.R. McMaster, Lieutenant General, USA, Retired

Fewer and fewer Americans are connected to the country's all-volunteer professional military. The military's separation from society is consequential. In a democracy, if citizens don't understand the military, they won't support the policies and investments necessary to secure the nation.


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