List the Names of Current Committees, Members, Time and Dates, Topics and Agenda, etc.

Americanism - VACANT

     Boy Scouts - Guillermo Guillén

     Flag Promotion and Protection - VACANT

     Junior Shooting Sports Program - Jon Kim

     Ceremonials - VACANT

Athletics - VACANT

    Baseball - Nick Good

    Golf - PNC Dan Dellinger

Awards and Recognition

     School Award Medal Program - Guillermo Guillén

     Scholarships - Guillermo Guillén

Boys State - PNC Dan Dellinger

Children and Youth - VACANT

Finance - VACANT

Internal Affairs - PNC Dan Dellinger

     The American Legion College - Dave Wallace, PNC Dan Dellinger, Joyce Miller, Guillermo Guillén

     Sons of the American Legio - Joe Payne, Guillermo Guillén

Membership - PNC Dan Dellinger, Dave Wallace

National Security - Guillermo Guillén

     Foreign Relations

     Blood Donor - Guillermo Guillén

     Law & Order Cadet Law Enforcement Program - Joyce Miller

Oratorical - VACANT

Media and Communcations - VACANT

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation - Adam Martinez

Veterans Affairs Volunteer Services - Ashley Gorbulja Maldonado

     Veterans Employment and Education - Adam Martinez